3 Suspected of Committing Violent Crimes in KFC Robbery

After an incident at an Aurora KFC, a third suspect has been arrested and accused of committing a crime. The Illinois authorities suspect that the three men attempted to rob the restaurant, and they are accused of committing violent crimes. Three employees were injured during the incident, and two are reportedly still hospitalized.

At about 8:30 p.m., two individuals walked into a KFC, and one person allegedly had a rifle. The authorities say that the two suspects announced that they intended to rob the establishment. The suspects supposedly told three employees to walk to the front of the store and to hand over their money, but they did not take any cash from the restaurant itself. There were no customers inside the establishment. Then, the man with the rifle purportedly began shooting the employees.

After shooting the employees, the two men supposedly got into a getaway vehicle driven by a third man. The investigators allegedly gathered evidence that led them to one man’s residence, and two suspects were arrested at that residence. A rifle was supposedly recovered at the home, but it is not immediately known whether it was the same firearm used in the crime. The third suspect was arrested at a motel. Whatever evidence that the authorities supposedly had that led them to investigate these specific individuals is not clear.

Even though the three suspects were arrested under suspicion of committing violent crimes, no formal charges have been filed yet in the Illinois case. However, it will certainly be in the best interests of the individuals to focus on their criminal defenses in preparation for the filing of formal charges. The longer they spend preparing their criminal defenses, the better prepared they will be for the accusations brought against them in court.

Source: The Chicago Tribune, “Third man arrested in shooting at KFC in Aurora“, Clifford Ward, Sept. 5, 2014

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