Adjustments to Child Support Arrangements After Divorce

During a divorce, it will be determined which parent gets primary custody of the children and how much child support is needed. As many Illinois parents may know, the arrangements that were made during a divorce may not be sufficient to match the changing needs of a family over the years. If a child support adjustment is needed, our team can help you pursue the changes needed for the long-term benefit of your family.

Child support is initially calculated according to several factors at the time of a divorce. This includes income level of the parents, special needs of the children and other unique factors. Over time, income levels change; one parent may lose a job or get married or the children may develop new financial needs. These are just some of the reasons that an adjustment to a support arrangement may be necessary, but it is important to pursue this through the proper legal channels. A verbal agreement between parents may appear to work initially, but can lead to complications in the future.

Any adjustments or modifications must be approved by the court. If your financial circumstances have changed, it may be beneficial to schedule a consultation with one of our Illinois family law attorneys to better understand how to proceed. We have experience with complex divorce-related financial issues, including post-decree modifications.

We understand that you want the best for your kids. We are committed to helping you with your child support concerns, from completing necessary paperwork to aggressively fighting for a court-approved adjustment. Please visit our child support page for more information.