Adjustments of child support are possible in certain situations

The months and years following a divorce is a time of upheaval, changes and adjustments for any Illinois family that has made it through the process. During this time, it is not unusual for circumstances to change, and the needs and desires of a family could change as well. When these changes are significant and impact finances in any way, adjustments of child support can be sought.

Circumstances that may warrant an adjustment to child support include special needs, medical needs, changes in education plans and extracurricular¬†activities. A parent’s job loss, relocation and other factors could also be grounds for an adjustment. The parent who pays child support and the recipient both have the right to go through legal channels to seek either a reduction or an increase in the amount required by the support order.

An adjustment can be sought even if it has been years since the divorce was finalized. A verbal agreement between the parents regarding changes in child support is ill advised, as these changes must be approved by the court and initiated by following the proper legal steps. This could prevent future complications and legal trouble between parents.

Adjustments of child support are possible, but they should be sought with the help of a family law attorney who is well-versed in Illinois child support laws. If you find yourself unable to meet your court-ordered financial obligations, or if you need more financial support to maintain the same lifestyles for your children, we can help. Get a full understanding of your legal options by seeking a complete case evaluation with a member of our experienced team.