Alleged Homicide Leads to Charges for Gold Coast Shooting

A Chicago-area man has been charged with homicide after the alleged murder of a Gold Coast district business owner. The business owner was fatally shot in the course of what was believed to be a robbery. After the homicide, Illinois law enforcement filed charges of first-degree murder against the 29-year-old defendant.

The man who was killed was a well-known individual who owned and operated the Silver Cloud Galleries. According to the police report, the man was in the vicinity of his vehicle and not in the building when the shooting occurred. Authorities believe that the tragic incident was the result of an attempted robbery.

The suspect was arrested after Illinois law enforcement released a police sketch. It is not clear what led police to this particular man or if any physical evidence exists that connects him with the crime. While homicide charges are serious, the suspect is considered innocent in the eyes of the law unless he is convicted.

A homicide charge can bring serious penalties if it leads to a conviction. If the defendant claims innocence and wishes to present a strong criminal defense, he should carefully evaluate all of the possible options available. The specific path of a defense plan will depend on the details of the individual case and the desired outcome of the defendant. It is important to remember that anyone accused of a crime has certain rights, including due process, the right to a defense and the right to challenge any of the prosecution’s case.

Source: NBC Chicago, “Man Charged in Murder of Gold Coast Business Owner“, , May 31, 2014

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