Avoid Pitfalls When Dealing with Child Custody Issues

Co-parenting can be a complex process, and while it may be beneficial for the children, Illinois parents should take steps to develop an arrangement that is sustainable into the future. While post-divorce parenting can be hard, a practical, beneficial child custody order can eliminate potential problems. Understanding common mistakes can help parents avoid common post-divorce pitfalls.

When navigating custody disputes, parents may be tempted to pursue an outcome based on emotional victories or even revenge. Succeeding in this effort will only bring short-term relief, if that, and children may ultimately suffer from an unbalanced custody arrangement. Children benefit when they can maintain a strong relationship with both parents.

A divorce does not magically erase complicated emotions or the interpersonal difficulty between parents, but both parties should seek to avoid fighting in front of the children. Clear and open communication between parents may be difficult, but it is necessary for a successful co-parenting arrangement. Keeping children from unnecessary stress and conflict is in their best interests, will help them adjust to new living arrangements and allow them to transition post-divorce.

Illinois parents who choose to co-parent should know that it is difficult, but worth the effort in many situations. In order to make a co-parenting child custody arrangement work, a parent should work with an experienced family law lawyer. With the right help, parents can arrive at an agreement that is beneficial for the children and is workable long into the future. With a complete case evaluation, a parent can better understand what legal options are available.

Source: The Huffington Post, “5 Common Post Divorce Parenting Mistakes“, Hanif Virani, Feb. 19, 2016

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