Building a Criminal Defense for a White Collar Crime

When facing a charge for a white collar crime, a viable criminal defense is the first order of business. While white collar crimes are sometimes thought of as lesser crimes, a conviction can still bring jail time, fines and other serious repercussions. As with any serious legal predicament, an Illinois defendant has the right to a criminal defense and legal counsel.

White collar crimes can include embezzlement, fraud, tax evasion and money laundering. White collar activity has a propensity to cross state lines and charges could come from both state and federal authorities. In recent years, law enforcement and the court system have taken a strong position against this type of criminal activity. Consequently, it is essential to reach out for help at the first opportunity in order to face these charges appropriately.

A defense strategy for white collar crimes will depend on the type of charges and specific details of the case. An experienced Illinois lawyer will evaluate the details of the case and formulate a plan that is best suited to combat the charges. In some cases, it is best to fight the charges in court, while other circumstances may be best resolved through a negotiated plea agreement.

Navigating the criminal law system can be complex, and such serious charges should not be faced alone. A criminal defense lawyer can provide meaningful assistance even before charges are filed and develop a plan that is specifically suited to the needs of the client. While a conviction can have a long-term impact, there is a significant difference between an accusation of criminal conduct and proof of guilt according to the exacting requirements of our system of justice.

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