Burglary Charge Filed Against 2 Illinois Men

Two Illinois men have been arrested in connection to a home robbery, and as a result, they are both facing a burglary charge. The two men were arrested for a particular theft, but police believe that they could possibly be connected to other home robberies in the area. The burglary charge came after police found the men in a truck after the alleged robbery was reported.

The charges stem from an incident where a neighbor called police after spotting supposed suspicious activity at a neighborhood home. The neighbor was able to give police a description of the vehicle that they saw, leading police to the two men. The police report states that jewelry was thrown from the window of the truck, but police were able to connect it the home.

A more extensive investigation is underway, as Illinois police believe that these men may be connected to other area robberies. It is not clear why police believe that there is a connection or if there is any evidence to link the men to the other home burglaries. The only specific item listed is the possible sighting of the truck in the area.

A burglary charge is serious, and the men could face more charges if they are actually connected to the other robberies. Their guilt cannot be assumed, however, and there must be clear evidence before they can face additional charges. In the meantime, the two men can begin to build a criminal defense plan for themselves. They could call into question the evidence used by the prosecution or determine the best way to pursue the most beneficial outcome.

Source: nwitimes.com, Illinois men charged in connection with residential burglary in Dyer, No author, March 10, 2014

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