Can Custody Disputes Affect a Legal Separation?

A custody dispute can be stressful on every member of the family, especially the children. When parents are walking through the dissolution of a marriage, children often feel stressed and “caught in the middle,” especially when the parents are locked in custody disputes. This can be the same for families going through a separation, as well as those getting a divorce.

A separation is known as being a stressful time for all members of an Illinois family. In fact, a recent survey has revealed that people feel more stressed and pressured when going through a separation rather than a divorce. A divorce has a sense of finality about it, where a separation may not.

Working with a team experienced in family law issues is a beneficial step for all Illinois couples facing the dissolution of a marriage. A couple may wish to have a separation agreement drafted that considers important issues, including division of finances. In fact, a couple can use negotiation and other methods to resolve custody disputes before signing the separation agreement. In many cases, these agreements can be used as the groundwork of a divorce, should the couple choose to move forward with this process.

Child custody disputes are frustrating and can make a separation difficult for both the children and parents. Families often benefit from knowledgeable counsel as they are going through the process of separating their lives during divorce or separation. When a couple chooses to separate, they may alleviate some of the stress commonly felt by drafting a carefully considered and beneficial agreement for both parties.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Survey Says Separation Is More Stressful Than Divorce, And Women Take The Hardest Hit“, Rebecca Adams, Nov. 3, 2014

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