Can You Prepare a Criminal Defense Before an Arrest?

Even before an arrest, an Illinois resident may find it useful to understand certain aspects of the legal system and criminal defense. If a person has been suspected of a crime or believes that he or she could be arrested in the near future, a criminal defense lawyer can explain what to expect and how to combat possible consequences. This also offers an individual the ability to protect his or her personal rights in case he or she is arrested or charged with a crime.

In Illinois, it is possible to be summoned to court even if a person has not been arrested. Depending on the circumstances of the alleged crime, the person could be fingerprinted and given a later court date or simply given a ticket for ordinance ortraffic violations. When facing a possible misdemeanor, felony or petty crime, a person always has the right to legal counsel regardless of an arrest or official criminal charge.

When considering turning oneself into the police or submitting to police questioning, it can be important to be familiar with the personal rights granted to those who have been accused or suspected of a crime. This includes the right to remain silent, the right to due process and the right to legal counsel, among others. If these rights have been violated, it could have a direct impact on the legal process.

A criminal defense attorney can be useful ally for any individual facing a complicated legal situation. From a traffic violation to a murder charge, it is not advisable to face the legal system alone. Even before a charge has been filed, it is beneficial to understand how to pursue the best possible outcome for the situation.

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