Changing a Child Support Order After the Divorce Is Final

Child support, as any issue pertaining to finances, can be a hotly contested issue between two parties during a divorce. From who is paying to how much is ordered, it is understandable how child support can be a sensitive matter. Fortunately, a lawyer familiar with the support system in Illinois can provide information and guidance, potentially helping to avoid lengthy conflicts.

During the divorce, the financial situations of both parents should be closely examined. The amount of support is typically calculated based on the income of both parents, any existing special needs, the custody arrangement and more. The analysis should consider any factors that may impact the long-term sustainability of a support order.

Despite a careful examination and effort to abide by the terms of an order, things change, and it may be difficult or impossible to continue to do so over time. Medical needs, remarriage, moving, job loss and other issues could be grounds for a modification to a child support order. Any changes made, even if agreed on by both parties, should be obtained through the proper legal channels. We can determine if an Illinois parent has valid grounds to seek a modification.

A divorce will have a direct impact on a person’s finances for years to come after the final papers are signed. When circumstances change, it is beneficial to seek the opinion of a lawyer regarding a modification instead of child support going unpaid. Discuss your situation and learn about potential options by scheduling an appointment for a case evaluation with a member of our experienced team.