Chicago-Area Man Facing Trial over Sex Crimes

A Chicago-area man facing charges for sex crimes has been ruled mentally stable enough to stand trial. The man is charged with sexual assault against a 3-year old girl from the Mundelein area. Sex crimes are serious charges, and per the request of the defense attorneys, the man was evaluated to determine if he was able to adequately handle a criminal trial.

The Illinois man is accused of supposedly taking a toddler from her mother’s supervision as they were walking down the street. The girl was returned to the mother half an hour later. While he is facing charges of kidnapping, sexual assault and child pornography, it is not indicated what evidence law enforcement may have connecting him with specific criminal acts.

These are serious criminal charges, but the man has not been convicted of any crimes. The prosecution has the burden of proof, which means that they must present clear and indisputable evidence in order to obtain a conviction. The defendant has the right to challenge any of the evidence that is brought against him in the course of the trial, which includes any supposed physical evidence or witness accounts.

While he is still considered innocent in the eyes of the law, it would be beneficial for the Illinois man to explore all possible options for a defense plan. He was determined to be competent to stand trial for sex crimes, which means that he should be prepared to pursue the optimal outcome for himself. The ideal outcome will be based on the details of the individual case and the needs of the defendant.

Source: Lake County News-Sun, “Man ruled fit to stand trial on sex assault charges”, Jim Newton, May 21, 2014