Chicago Man Arrested & Charged with Weapons Crime

Following an incident outside of a bar on Mothers’ Day, a Chicago man now finds himself facing various criminal charges for his alleged role in the altercation. A gun was fired after a fight broke out outside of the restaurant, and the man was eventually arrested and charged with a weapons crime after first driving away from the scene. The incident occurred as he was out on parole for a different crime.

According to reports, Illinois police received a call regarding a gunshot fired outside of a bar. When they arrived at the scene of the incident, people were fighting, but no one had been hit by a bullet. A man was driving away from the scene, who was identified by a person in the crowed as the man who allegedly fired the gun. When law enforcement pursued the vehicle, the driver did not immediately pull over.

Upon contact with the driver, Illinois police searched the car, but a gun was not found. A weapon was later recovered, and fingerprints and ballistics apparently linked the man with the gun. He was then charged with unlawful use of a weapon and failure to have a valid gun owners’ identification card.

As this recent incident occurred while the man was on parole, it is especially important for him to carefully consider his defense options. His previous criminal record does not preclude him from the right to the presumption of innocence regarding the latest accusations, and he would be wise to take steps to protect his lawful entitlements. A lawyer can outline his best options for an effective defense strategy against the weapons crime charges.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Chicago man hit with gun charges after Mother’s Day dispute outside Evanston bar“, Lee V. Gaines, May 20, 2016

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