Child Custody and Protecting the Father-Daughter Relationship

Illinois readers know that the father-daughter relationship is extremely important. During a divorce or separation, that relationship may be compromised, and parents should take steps to protect their children from undue emotional harm or disruption. When possible, a child custody order should allow a child to maintain a strong relationship with both parents.

A new study from the University of Illinois indicates that divorce or separation is harder on girls that it is on boys. This may be because the relationship that a daughter has with her father has a profound impact on her emotional development and well being. Parents may be unable to resolve the issues that led to the end of a marriage, but they can work together to determine a custody arrangement that protects the important father-daughter relationship.

The study also indicates that a divorce or separation can have a direct impact on a girl’s health. Ultimately, divorce can lead to future issues such as smoking or depression. These statistics underline the importance of fathers protecting their parental rights and ensuring that they have access to rightful and fair amounts of parenting time and visitation.

Divorce is especially hard for children, but an experienced lawyer can help an Illinois parent understand how they can lessen the impact on the children. In times of legal separation or divorce, child custody should reflect the actual needs of the children instead of the desires of the parents. The father-daughter relationship is vital for the emotional well being of a young girl, and a father can seek a legal opinion regarding how to protect his parental rights.

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