Choosing a Peaceful, Practical Child Custody Arrangement

Divorce is commonly thought to be a complex, stressful and difficult process, but there are many couples that choose to take an alternate course. In some cases, Illinois parents will remain close partners throughout the legal process of ending a marriage and into the future after divorce. This partnership allows for a more peaceful and practical child custody arrangement, which benefits every member of the family.

More and more couples are choosing to move from marriage into a working relationship after divorce. While this is most often done for the benefit of the children, some divorced couples remain close for their own benefit. This is not a practical choice for every situation, but it does prove that a contentious divorce and years of tension are not the only possible outcomes to a divorce.

Also on the rise in many divorces is the use of mental health professionals. This allows couples to work through their issues in a calm, respectful manner. There are other ways that couples can make a divorce less contentious, including using negotiation and mediation as a way to come to an agreement on important matters such as visitation, spousal support and more.

Illinois couples know that child custody is typically one of the more contentious aspects of a divorce. However, stressful litigation is not the only option; rather, parents can choose to approach a divorce in a way that allows them to remain partners after the process is over. With the right legal assistance, it is possible to reach a peaceful, practical child custody arrangement.

Source:, “Rewriting the Narrative of Divorce“, Wendy Paris, Feb. 2, 2016

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