Chris Rock Locked in Child Custody Fight with Wife of 19 Years

It is often complicated when two spouses disagree on child custody arrangements. These disagreements can lead to longer divorce proceedings and unhappy children, making it beneficial for Illinois parents to navigate these situations with a legal ally. A recent high-profile divorce, that of Chris Rock and his wife, serves as an example of how a child custody battle can add complication to a divorce.

Mr. Rock has been married to his wife for 19 years, making an existing prenuptial agreement void through its own terms. He has asked for equitable distribution of their marital assets, which some believe is a move designed to reduce the amount of any spousal support that he may be ordered to pay. Additionally, he has asked for shared custody of the children.

It has been reported that his wife wants full custody of the girls, a claim that she denies. She also disputes the famous comedian’s claims that she is preventing him from seeing his children. At this point, the court will have to determine the best arrangement for the children, based on evidence presented by the two parents in court. It is important for Illinois parents to remember that they have the right to fight for their desired outcome in court, as Mr. Rock and his wife will do.

This high-profile divorce and child custody battle reflects what many less famous couples are going through. A custody battle can be complex and overwhelming, but it is possible to successfully pursue the best arrangement with the assistance of a family law attorney. In order to protect the best interests of the children, it is best to seek professional guidance and support when facing a complicated custody and/or visitation situation.

Source:, “Chris Rock Wants Shared Custody of Two Children With Estranged Wife“, Dec. 31, 2014

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