Co-parenting does not pose a threat to your child custody rights

When going through a divorce, an Illinois parent may be concerned with protecting his or her parental rights and retaining access to the children. It is normal to have concerns about the kids when parents come to the end of their marriage, but one parent having primary child custody may not always be the best solution. For some families, co-parenting offers a reasonable, practical solution to custody concerns.

Divorce is difficult, and the emotional issues between parents can seem insurmountable. However, when parents disarm themselves for the sake of their children, they are often able to see that they can work together on a parenting plan that both protects their parental rights and the best interests of the kids. This is possible with the help of an experienced family law attorney.

Co-parenting, while not the ideal solution for every Illinois family, could offer children the ability to maintain a strong relationship with both parents. In a co-parenting arrangement, parents would share parenting time, decision-making authority and more. How this type of parenting plan would function on a daily basis will differ based on the needs and goals of the individual family.

Co-parenting is not a threat to a parent’s right to child custody; instead, it offers opportunities to benefit the children and help them maintain a continuity of lifestyle. If a parent thinks that this could be the right choice for his or her family, a case evaluation is recommended. A strong legal ally can help a parent make the right choices during the complex process of divorce.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Co-Parenting Post Divorce — Turning Challenges Into Opportunities“, Karen McMahon, June 21, 2016