How Common Marital Disputes May Lead to Divorce

When a couple marries and vow to be together until death, many are unprepared for what comes next. The truth is that marriage is hard. It’s difficult to remain close and in love with a spouse when challenges related to finances, careers, children, family, life goals, health, infidelity and personal happiness come into play. While every marriage is encumbered by unique challenges, the vast majority of spouses fight about the same issues.

They say money makes the world go around and for individuals who are struggling financially, this saying rings especially true. For many married couples, money, or lack thereof, is a common source of conflict and can lead to power struggles that ultimately drive a wedge between spouses. Even in cases where a couple is well-off, money and different viewpoints about how it should be managed and spent can be divisive.

While children bring a tremendous amount of joy to a parent’s life, parents may also argue over responsibilities associated with their care. From discussions over who changed more diapers to who helps with more homework, parents are often spread thin on time and energy and may grow to resent a spouse who they perceive as being less involved with child-rearing duties.

Married couples also frequently quarrel about time, particularly when one spouse believes he or she isn’t a priority. Time is finite and for married couples raising children, it seems there’s never enough of it. Between time spent at work and tending to children, many couples have little time or energy to devote to one another and maintaining or repairing a marriage.

While some couples are able to overcome obstacles that present during a marriage, others encounter roadblocks that are too difficult to overcome. Regardless of what leads a couple to divorce, general unhappiness is the driving force behind most divorces. Everyone deserves to be happy and, for many people divorce provides an opportunity to once again discover happiness.

Source: Huffington Post, “7 Fights All Couples Inevitably Have And How To Resolve Them,” Brittany Wong, Aug. 8, 2014