Complex Divorce Involves Frozen Embyros

Illinois couples who are facing divorce may be interested to learn about a specific, complex case that has caught national attention. In another state, a couple is embroiled in a complex divorce, disputing custody of several frozen embryos. The embryos were originally frozen after the wife learned that she had cancer, the treatment leaving her infertile.

At this point, the couple has already filed for divorce, but they are still locked in a legal battle over the fate of the frozen embryos. The woman wants to have the embryos implanted into a surrogate in order to have a child. The man opposes this action and is moving to have the embryos destroyed. Legal representation for the man claims that the embryos have been used as blackmail by the woman throughout the divorce proceedings.

The woman’s legal team states that she has a right to procreate and that these embryos represent her only chance to do so. Allegedly, the couple agreed to have the embryos destroyed in the event that they filed for divorce. The case is still being heard in court, and any previous legal agreement between the two individuals will be carefully weighed before a ruling is given.

As this case is being heard in another state, it will have little impact on divorce proceedings in Illinois. However, couples who are facing complex divorce situations will note that they have the right to seek a beneficial resolution to their divorce disputes, even if it requires litigation. A thorough evaluation of the individual circumstances can determine how an individual can protect his or her rights and move forward with the appropriate course of legal action.

Source: CBS News, “Frozen embryos at center of nasty divorce in San Francisco“, July 14, 2015