Criminal Defense for Illinois Woman Re Identity Theft Charges

A woman from the Pekin area of Illinois is facing charges of identity theft. She is facing two identity theft charges stemming from an alleged scheme to secure prescription medication. She could spend as many as five years in jail should a conviction actually be obtained, though her criminal defense team will have every reasonable opportunity to contest the accusations.

Illinois law enforcement says that the woman called in fraudulent prescriptions to various pharmacies in the Pekin area. Supposedly, she used one of two false names that she provided to the four pharmacies contacted. One of the names was that of a friend who did not give the woman permission to pick up any medicine on her behalf.

When law enforcement found the woman, they claim she was with a man and admitted that they were both planning on taking the prescription medication. Using a false name or another person’s identity to pick up a prescription is illegal, but that does not mean that this woman cannot choose to fight these charges. While it may seem that there is significant evidence against her, she has every right to challenge the allegations and force prosecutors to actually prove the charges pending against her.

A well prepared criminal defense is crucial, especially when facing such charges. The optimal approach will depend on the circumstances of the individual case. A defendant has the right to choose what is in their own best interests and how to proceed as their case moves forward. This may include fighting the identity charges in court and/or seeking to negotiate a plea agreement with the prosecution.

Source:, “Pekin woman indicted in bogus prescription calls“, , July 16, 2014