Don’t Let a Sex Crimes Investigation Catch You off Guard

Our Chicagoland readers know that criminal charges are to be taken seriously, regardless of what they are. However, some criminal charges are more serious than others — if not in terms of potential punishment, then in terms of damage to one’s reputation in the community. This is true, in some cases, of people merely being charged, regardless of an eventual conviction or acquittal.

We discussed in a recent article that we posted to our blog about the severity of sex crimes allegations in Illinois and what people can do to get ahead of the issue in order to maximize their defense strategies. As the article points out, it is of crucial importance to act when there is as much as an inkling that you might be charged or under investigation.

Additionally, it is necessary not to ignore the signs that could point to you being charged with a crime — or to downplay a charge should one be made official. The state takes these sorts of offenses seriously enough that the statute of limitations on sex crimes is longer than it is for other some other serious offenses. For example, if an alleged victim is a minor, then the statute of limitations is extended until that person reaches age 38. This means that someone could be charged and convicted of an offense that took place 30 years ago or even longer.

Prison terms are severe for these sorts of offenses as well. It is imperative that people take this seriously — your freedom could be at stake if you find yourself in this kind of situation.

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