DUI Charges for 2 Drivers Are Each Elevated to a Felony Charge

Illinois drivers who are accused of operating a vehicle while intoxicated will likely be aware of how seriously drunk driving is taken. Not only may their driving privileges be suspended, but without a proper defense in court, they may face fines and/or jail time. Other consequences of a conviction may include increased insurance premiums and adverse effects on their careers. In cases where previous DUI convictions are on the criminal record of an accused individual, the charge may be escalated to a felony charge.

Police recently arrested two men in separate incidents after pulling them over for driving in a manner that led police to suspect them of being intoxicated. In the first incident, a 31-year-old driver was pulled over after he allegedly failed to obey a stop sign. The police subjected the driver to a field sobriety test after detecting slurry speech, red eyes and the smell of alcohol. In addition to DUI, the driver was also cited for transporting alcohol and failure to stop at the stop sign.

Two days later, police say they noticed an erratic driver who stopped at green traffic lights and remained stationary in an intersection. Reportedly, the smell of alcohol and slurred speech led to the driver’s arrest. In both these cases, the charges were elevated to felonies due to previous convictions. The first driver was found to have been driving on a revoked license following a prior DUI, and the second driver had two previous DUI convictions.

Both these Illinois drivers have likely sought the services of a DUI defense lawyer to ensure their rights are protected when facing a felony charge. Such a professional will focus on ensuring that the accused individuals fully understand the charges against them and that their legal rights are fully respected. The circumstances of each individual case will be assessed, and a course of action will be suggested. A professionally prepared and presented criminal defense in court may lead to the best possible outcome.

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