Education Employee Charged with Sexual Assault

An Illinois man who was employed as a dean’s assistant at St. Charles North High School is facing allegations of sexual misconduct for his relationship with a student. He was charged with sexual assault and aggravated criminal sexual abuse after a series of interviews with law enforcement apparently revealed that he and a student had sexual relations and were involved in a relationship. At the time of the alleged misconduct, the man was 30 years old and the student was 17.

Attorneys for the defendant wish to use a mistake of age defense, but are prevented by the fact that relations occurred while he was employed by a school. Age of consent in Illinois is 17, but it is raised to 18 when the offender is in a position of authority, trust or supervision. A mistake of age defense may be appropriate in cases where an individual is sexually involved with a minor who misrepresented or lied about his or her age.

The man’s attorneys have filed a motion to allow them to present this particular defense. To date, he has not been convicted of anything and is still presumed  innocent in the eyes of the law. In the meantime, he would be wise to protect his rights and entitlements by developing a defense strategy that is suited to his particular needs and legal goals.

When an individual is charged with sexual assault, it is common for that person to feel overwhelmed. However, a criminal charge does not necessarily mean that a conviction will follow. Nevertheless, it is important to present a strong defense. Defendants are granted certain rights, which are best protected with the assistance of an experienced attorney.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Former dean’s assistant seeks ‘mistake of age’ defense in student sex assault case“, Dan Campana, Dec. 28, 2015