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Families with disabled minors have special considerations to make when the child reaches the age of majority. When children turn 18, they are legally adults, but disabled children may be unable to be independent or make certain important decisions for themselves. This requires the appointment of a guardian.

Guardianships For Disabled Adults Or Minors

A guardian can have either limited guardianship or plenary guardianship over the disabled minor or adult. In a limited guardianship, the guardian can only make decisions for specified personal care and finance issues the court determines. In a plenary guardianship, the guardian has the authority to make decisions for all of these issues.

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Potential guardians must be (otherwise are considered ineligible):

  • Age of majority (18 years or older)
  • Have no past criminal convictions
  • Deemed “sound of mind” by the court
  • Legal U.S. citizen

Guardianship Of The Estate

An appointed guardian can also be appointed as the guardian of the estate. This is when the disabled person is unable to make decisions on his or her own regarding an estate. Keep in mind a parent is not automatically awarded guardianship. He or she must petition the court and then attend a hearing following this. In some situations, family members can be in disagreement or dispute over the guardianship of a disabled adult or minor. We also have experience in successfully helping with contested estate issues.

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