Felony Charge for Madison Man After Alleged Gun Incident

A Madison man is facing at least one felony charge after an incident where he allegedly discharged his firearm. According to reports, the man shot at a group of people who were gathered outside his home for unknown reasons. It appears that no one was injured, but an individual listed as a “victim” did flee the scene. The Illinois man is officially facing a felony charge for aggravated firearm use, reckless discharge of a weapon and felon in possession of a weapon.

It is not clear what may have prompted the shooting. The main account of what allegedly occurred is based on an eyewitness account. While witnesses can bolster the case against an individual, these accounts can be tainted by opinions or personal connections to the accused. Illinois law enforcement did find shell casings outside the home, but it is not indicated if they have been clearly connected to any gun owned by the defendant.

After the supposed shooting, the police arrived at the home where they believed that the man was still armed and dangerous. However, he was arrested without further incident and there were no injuries sustained. At that point, his arrest was made based on what law enforcement believed to be probable cause.

When facing a felony charge, a defendant has the right to challenge any aspect of the prosecution’s case. He could challenge the witness testimony and present his own account of what actually occurred outside his home that day, if he so chooses. However, the burden of proof lies with the prosecution, which means that the man is considered innocent unless there is overwhelming evidence presented to prove guilt.

Source: The Telegraph, “Madison man facing felony gun charges“, , June 23, 2014