Felony Charge for Man Accused of Abusing Animals

Just recently, an Illinois man was arrested and charged with animal abuse. Authorities, upon examining his home, found a dead dog inside. The felony chargeof animal cruelty was the result of an investigation that was prompted by allegations of suspected animal abuse.

Law enforcement launched an investigation against the man after receiving reports of animals loose on his property. According to a report, the house had no running water or electricity at the time. It was also thought that two other animals in the home had been feeding on the dead dog. According to authorities, there was no dog food or water available for the animals in the home.

The two living dogs were taken to an animal shelter. The defendant was released on bond and is awaiting his scheduled court date. It is important to note that although the conditions in the home were deplorable, he has not been found guilty of any crime. Innocent until proved guilty, any individual charged with a crime has the right to a defense and is entitled to certain rights under the law.

If convicted of a felony charge, an individual could face incarceration and other serious penalties. It is wise to confront this type of criminal charge with a strong defense and a clear understanding of individual rights. No matter what evidence the prosecution brings against a person, he or she has the right to present evidence for the defense, as well as challenge the prosecution’s case. An experienced Illinois attorney can evaluate an individual case and determine how best to move forward with a defense strategy.

Source: courierpress.com, “Illinois man charged with animal abuse“, Len Wells, July 22, 2015

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