Felony Charge for Man Who Attacked Emergency Worker

An Illinois man is facing a felony charge after he apparently attacked an emergency healthcare worker. The paramedic, along with her partner, had responded to a call to treat an unresponsive man in a Chicago neighborhood. While trying to provide medical treatment for the man, the paramedic alleges that the man attacked her. She claims to have suffered various injuries and additional emergency workers were called to the scene to assist. The man will now have to fight a felony charge from the incident.

The woman suffered injuries to the back, had a crown knocked out of her mouth and endured pain from the man stomping on her foot. Reports indicate that the man was belligerent and continued to fight workers as he was transported to the hospital. The man reportedly had a blood alcohol content of .290 at the time, but it is not clear if law enforcement believes that his behavior was due to the consumption of drugs and alcohol.

Apparently, these type of attacks have become more commonplace, especially with emergency workers who are providing healthcare services. It has been stated that when these attacks happen, authorities will prosecute those who have supposedly mistreated paramedics and other Illinois public service workers. While officially facing felony charges, it is not clear if the man wishes to fight the charges.

A felony charge is serious and even though the man supposedly attacked a paramedic, he still has the right to a defense. While authorities have stated their intent to put people in jail who mistreat paramedics, they can only do so if there is substantial proof of the defendant’s guilt. A person cannot be presumed guilty unless it is proved in a court of law and the responsibility of providing a burden of proof lies with the prosecution.

Source: ABC Eyewitness News, “Chicago paramedic describes on-duty attack in Fulton River“, , May 5, 2014