Former Chicago Bull Player Accused of a Sex Crime

The former Chicago Bull player Rick Brunson has been accused of a sex crime after he supposedly used another basketball player’s name to secure a massage appointment. It is reported that he tried to sexually assault the masseuse during the massage appointment. Although he has been accused of a sex crime, it should be noted by Illinois readers that he has not been convicted of any crimes.

According to the masseuse, Rick Brunson had been her client in the past. She had refused to continue to give him appointments after an incident which she declined to discuss. Supposedly, Brunson used the name of another famous NBA player in order to secure the recent appointment with this woman. She claims that because he was already there when she realized who he really was, she went ahead and gave him a massage.

The details of what allegedly happened during this appointment are not immediately clear. It is also noted that the woman did not report any wrongdoing to her manager until several days later. The situation is still under investigation by Illinois law enforcement and it is not publicly known if the prosecution has secured any evidence to validate the claims of the masseuse. Supposedly, Brunson was “apologetic” about the incident, according to a person with knowledge of the situation.

Brunson has been charged with attempted sexual assault and aggravated battery. At this time, he is out of jail on bond and has not made a public statement about the incident. Even if claiming innocence after being accused of a sex crime, it would be beneficial for anyone accused of a crime to explore options for a strong criminal defense if they do not plan to negotiate a plea deal with prosecutors.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Former Bull Rick Brunson tried to sexually assault massage therapist: report“, Lisa Black, July 8, 2014