Gun at Chicago Airport Results in Felony Weapons Charge

A woman is facing felony weapon possession charges in Illinois after airport security found a gun in the woman’s carry-on. Prosecutors say the woman had a pistol in her backpack along with several rounds of ammunition. After security found the gun, they detained the woman at one of Chicago’s airports.

The woman has been charged with a felony for getting on a plane with a weapon. This is a serious offense. The woman could be facing several years in prison if she is convicted of the felony offense.

The defense attorney for the defendant said she didn’t know the gun was in her backpack when she went to the airport. The defense attorney did not say if she would consider a plea deal since the evidence against her in the case is pretty strong.

It could be difficult for the defendant to prove that she didn’t know the gun was in her backpack along with the fact that security also found several rounds of ammunition. The defendant could be offered a plea deal if she agrees to plead guilty to the felony charge. If the defendant pleads not guilty, she will have to face a trial and leave her fate up to a jury or judge.

Weapons charges are taken very seriously in Illinois. People can face a variety of weapons charges, and if they are felony weapons charges, individuals could face harsher punishments if they are convicted. Like this case shows, unlawful possession of a weapon or having a weapon in a place where they cannot legally be can result in criminal charges. Due to the punishments individuals can face for weapons charges, individuals arrested for felony weapon charges should contact a criminal defense attorney to protect their rights.

Source: Chicago Sun-Times, “Prosecutors: pregnant woman tried to bring a loaded gun onto plane,” Tina Sfondeles, Feb. 22, 2014