Halle Berry Looking to Decrease Child Support Requirement

Family dynamics have changed significantly over recent decades in the United States. With greater income equality between men and women, there is an increasing number of ex-wives who end up having to pay child support to their former husbands, in Illinois and other states. This is what Halle Berry is now facing as she petitions the court to have her support payments reduced.

Most people know Halle Berry as the Oscar award-winning actress who has a 6-year-old daughter with her former fashion model boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry. The former lovers are now in the midst of another court battle over child support payments. The two currently share child custody of their daughter Nahla. Berry is petitioning the court to reduce her current monthly payment of $16,000 in child support to $3,000.

Berry’s petition filed with the court accuses her child’s father of refusing to find employment. Many in the media and feminist commentators have criticized Aubry for allegedly living off the child support payments. However, other critics have responded by saying that criticizing Aubry over feminist grounds is hypocritical. Currently, the former couple’s daughter spends half of her time in her father’s custody.

Ultimately, a judge presiding over the case will decide whether Berry will be able to have her child support payments reduced and by how much. Just like a family law dispute in Illinois, the judge in this case will look at a variety of factors prescribed by law in order to determine the appropriate child support amount required. Each side will be looking to present the strongest available evidence to support their legal arguments as to why the judge should rule in their favor. Typically, child support orders are not amended absent a showing of a substantial change in circumstances.

Source: Time, “Halle Berry Child Support: Female Breadwinners Can’t Have It Both Ways“, Cathy Young, Oct. 20, 2014