High Asset Divorce Battle May Not Be over for Apple CEO

John Sculley is known for his former role as CEO for Apple, as well as his high asset divorce that was finalized in 2011. A new claim has been filed by his ex-wife, asserting that valuable assets were not disclosed at the time of the high asset divorce. If she is successful, it is possible that the court will modify the original judgment of divorce.

Illinois readers will note that, in 2010, John Sculley listed his assets at $4.8 million. It is asserted that the amount allegedly not disclosed was worth approximately $25 million at the time of the divorce. The lawsuit claims that at the time of the divorce, Mr. Sculley began an affair with another woman and started hiding assets from his wife at that time. One of these particular assets is now allegedly worth $100 million.

A high asset divorce always has the potential to become a complex legal battle. However, this case underscores the importance of settling these types of divorces correctly at the time of the initial decree. When assets are not all disclosed or major issues are discovered after the divorce, it can lead to costly and lengthy court battles. An attorney experienced in high-asset and complex divorces can aid in asset discovery in order to pursue a beneficial divorce settlement based upon a level playing field.

When facing a complicated divorce in Illinois, it is best to carefully evaluate the optimal approach for both protecting certain assets and seeking an equitable settlement. Individuals have the right to seek assistance with developing a strategy that is particularly suited to their individual needs and financial goals regarding a high asset divorce. A legal team will help extricate convoluted financial situations and tenaciously pursue the best interests of the client.

Source: pagesix.com, “Former Apple CEO being sued by ex for ‘hiding millions’ in divorce“, Emily Smith, Jan. 25, 2015