Illinois Coach Charged with Sexual Assault and Sexual Abuse

An Illinois softball coach has recently been charged with the sexual assault of two girls on his team. The defendant was a coach with the Drost Park Khoury Softball League and the girls who were abused were 11 years old at the time of the alleged incident. He is officially charged with sexual assault, sexual exploitation and sexual abuse of a minor.

It is not clear what evidence was brought to Illinois authorities to validate these serious accusations. The fact that he was officially charged with a crime may indicate that there is definitive evidence, but the defendant has the right to challenge any aspects of the prosecution’s case against him. Court records did not indicate that he had an attorney, but it would be within his rights to obtain legal counsel.

It is particularly serious when an individual is charged with a sex crime, such as sexual abuse. If the coach is convicted of these charges, he could face significant time in jail, but could also face other potential repercussions, such as the loss of his job and damage to his reputation. The best way to confront these charges is with the assistance of a lawyer who understands complex criminal defense strategies.

Despite being charged with sexual assault, this individual has not yet been convicted of any crime. He remains innocent in the eyes of the law and would be wise to protect his lawful entitlements by seeking legal counsel as soon as possible. An effective defense strategy should be tailored to the individual details of the case and the goals of the defendant.

Source:, “Girls’ softball coach in southwestern Illinois charged with sex assault of 2 players“, June 25, 2015

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