Illinois Firefighter Accused of a Sex Crime Involving Children

People in a local Illinois community may become upset if they discover that a public servant has been arrested on charges of child pornography. Regardless of how these individuals feel, the individual who has been accused of a sex crime remains innocent in the eyes of Lady Justice. The charges don’t lead to a conviction unless there is enough evidence to support this beyond a reasonable doubt.

In a recent case in Illinois, one firefighter faces multiple charges of child pornography. The situation started when authorities found purportedly pornographic images on the man’s computer. Police legally searched his fire department upon finding out that a computer there may have been used to commit the alleged sex crime.

Police say that they uncovered many pictures and videos of children involved in sex acts. These children were said to be 13 years old to 17 years old. At last report, the man remained in jail instead of making a $150,000 bond.

If somebody has been accused of a sex crime, prosecutors bear the burden of proof regarding these allegations. Child pornography is a serious crime because a criminal conviction can impact an individual for the rest of his or her life. The accused person may choose to negotiate a plea agreement or simply go directly to trial; in some cases, people do both in an effort to achieve the best possible outcome, considering the circumstances. The person who has been charged with a sex crime is protected by a wide range of legal rights to make sure that criminal proceedings are conducted in an impartial manner in Illinois.

Source: The Republic, “Child pornography charges filed against a Schiller Park firefighter“, , April 12, 2014