Illinois Man Charged with Sexual Assault and Other Crimes

Illinois police recently arrested a man for his alleged involvement in a murder case from 30 years ago. The cold case involving the murder of a young girl was unsolved for decades until law enforcement recently discovered new information. At this time, it is not clear what evidence was uncovered or how it connects to the personcharged with sexual assault and murder.

In 1985, a young girl disappeared on her way home from the store. The next day, Illinois law enforcement found her body, stabbed and sexually abused. The defendant was located after additional evidence came to the attention of law enforcement on Sept. 10. He was taken into custody after a search of his home was conducted.

In a past press conference, police indicated that they had a small amount of the killer’s DNA. It not known if the defendant is a match, and the reliability of the new evidence remains to be seen. In the meantime, the man remains protected by the presumption of innocence before the court.

Despite the heinous nature of the crime and the severity of the charges, he has the right to a defense and to contest the evidence offered by the prosecution against him. The law affords certain entitlements to those charged with a crime, including those charged with sexual assault and murder, and a lawyer can work to protect those rights effectively and tenaciously. By seeking a case evaluation, an accused individual can have a better understanding of all defense options available and the best manner in which to proceed in court.

Source: Fox News, “Illinois man arrested in teen’s 1985 murder, sexual assault“, Sept. 20, 2015