Illinois Man Charged with Sexual Assault After Investigation

A man from the Zion, Illinois, area has been charged with sexual assault after a police investigation revealed that he supposedly had sexual contact with two young girls. The investigation into the man was for possession of child pornography. Supposedly, certain evidence led police to believe that he had sexually assaulted two girls for a period of time. He was charged with sexual assault of the girls after he was arrested in his home.

Officially, the Illinois man was charged with sexual assault of a child, criminal sexual abuse and possession of child pornography. After a search of his home, local law enforcement found a large amount of child pornography. According to the police report, authorities were led to believe that the man had physical contact with two girls over a period of time. This would have occurred about four years ago, and the girls would have been under 13 at the time.

The crimes that this man supposedly committed are heinous, but it is important to remember that he has not yet been convicted of any of these charges. In fact, it is not immediately clear what led police to initiate the investigation into the man or what was found to lead to an arrest. The police have not stated how they came to believe that he was directly connected to the two girls.

When facing serious legal charges, a defendant charged with sexual assault has the right to build a legal defense for his or her own benefit. This also includes the right to challenge any of the evidence brought against them by the prosecution. Even in the most serious of criminal cases, the burden of proof lies with the prosecution, and the accused will be considered innocent unless proved otherwise.

Source: CBS Chicago, “Zion Man Charged With Sexual Assaulting Two Girls“, , April 29, 2014