Illinois Man Facing Felony Charge After Alleged Theft

An Illinois man is facing criminal charges after he was accused of taking jewelry from a home that he was hired to clean. According to the report, the man advertised a cleaning service and was hired by a family to come and clean their residence. The felony charge reportedly came after the family discovered jewelry and other valuable items were missing after the man’s third visit to the home.

As this was the third time that the man had come to clean the house, the family left for a short period of time. They claim that when they returned, the man was packing up his equipment to leave, despite the fact that the house had not actually been cleaned. Later, police located one of the items taken from the home at a pawn shop, and the man was identified by the pawn shop owner.

After his arrest, it was discovered that there were two outstanding warrants against the man in another state, both of them related to theft charges. After he answers for the charges against him in Illinois, he will be extradited to Texas. Despite the complicated nature of the case against him, he still has rights and has every right to protect his entitlements with the help of a defense lawyer.

No matter how complicated the criminal case may seem, an experienced lawyer can help a defendant understand the defense options available. When facing a felony charge, it is critical to seek legal counsel as soon as possible in order to protect one’s rights and interests. A lawyer can help prepare a focused criminal defense after a complete case evaluation.

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