Illinois Man Facing Felony Charge and Awaiting More Charges

An Illinois man is waiting for a decision from a grand jury to determine if he will be facing additional charges in addition to the felony weapons charge he is already facing. The man is the leading suspect in a bank robbery in the Cairo area of Illinois. The bank robbery resulted in the death of two of the tellers. The man could be facing an additional felony charge if he is found to be connected with the robbery.

Two tellers died from stab wounds in the course of the bank robbery. Supposedly, the fatal action occurred after the man was attempting to hold up the bank and something went wrong. Currently, the man is being held on a weapons charge while he waits a decision on bond. In the meantime, an Illinois grand jury is determining if he should face additional charges from the bank robbery.

At the moment, the man is only suspected of involvement in the Illinois bank robbery. If charges are filed against him, he could be facing a serious legal predicament. Any charges could carry serious long-term consequences because of the death of two employees. It is likely that he has not yet been charged because the prosecution is still attempting to connect him with the robbery and gather evidence.

It may be difficult for an individual to know what to do when he or she is awaiting to hear if they could be facing a criminal or felony charge of any kind. While it may seem like there is nothing that a person can do, he or she would have the option to begin to explore legal options for a defense strategy. It could be beneficial to be prepared for a legal battle or process if charges are filed in order to have their rights protected.

Source: WSIU Public Broadcasting, “UPDATE: Grand Jury Will Decide Cairo Bank Robbery Charges“, , May 20, 2014