Illinois Man Facing Multiple Felonies over Child Pornography

Illinois law enforcement recently arrested a man after a search of his home apparently led to the discovery of pornographic images and videos of children. He is facing multiple felonies, including possession of child pornography and possession with the intent to disseminate. While child pornography is a deplorable crime, this man has not been convicted of anything yet and is fully entitled to the same rights as any other person who is charged with a crime.

If convicted of the charges, he could be sentenced to years in prison. He is currently held in jail as against bail initially set at $1 million. The search of his home was conducted by Illinois law enforcement as a part of a statewide initiative to stop child pornography viewing and trafficking. The serious nature of the changes against him and the potential for severe penalties mandates the assistance of an experienced defense team.

The defendant, who resides in Kendall County, has the right to challenge any of the evidence against him, including evidence that was found in his home at the time of search. Search and seizures laws are quite detailed, and any violation of an accused individual’s legal rights could result in certain evidence being excluded at trial or even an outright dismissal of the charges. His legal team may also present evidence that supports his defense.

It is intimidating to face felonies and other criminal charges. A conviction can permanently alter a person’s life. Nevertheless, every defendant has certain rights that must be protected. A case evaluation can determine how to best preserve these entitlements and how to move forward with a legal strategy that is suited to the needs of the individual.

Source: Oswego IL. Patch, “Oswego Man Busted on Multiple Counts of Child Porn“, Scott Viau, Nov. 3, 2015

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