Illinois Mother Facing Theft Charge After Supposed Scam Operation

An Illinois mother is facing a theft charge after she was accused of a cancer scam. The mother has five children, and Illinois law enforcement believe that she claimed to have cancer in order to obtain money. The woman pleaded not guilty to the theft charge — specifically theft by deception.

The Illinois woman came under investigation after acquaintances allegedly suspected that she was not honest about having terminal cancer. According to reports, her community held fundraisers with the intent of off-setting her medical expenses. Police did not state how much money they believe the woman supposedly received, but it could be as much as thousands of dollars.

It should be noted that law enforcement has not indicated if the woman’s medical records have been examined. It is also possible that the woman’s defense team could point out that there is no law against accepting monetary gifts. In order for the woman to be convicted of any theft charge, the prosecution must be able to prove, beyond a doubt, that her actions were illegal. Simply suspecting deceit or theft is not enough for a conviction, and her defense could present evidence to discredit key points of the prosecution’s case.

Although law enforcement says that the woman never had cancer, it is not clear what evidence exists to prove this. It can be tempting to convict a person in the court of public opinion, especially for a distasteful crime. However, the mother of five is still innocent in the eyes of the law. She also has the right to any legal resource available to fight the theft charge in whatever way is most beneficial according to the case details.

Source: NBC Chicago, “Mother of 5 Accused of Theft Over Fake Cancer Claims“, Jim Suhr, June 5, 2014

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