Illinois Residents May Consider a Criminal Defense After Robbery

Two Illinois residents may wish to consider building a criminal defense after facing charges for a robbery. The specific robbery was at a credit union, and the couple is facing charges for robbery and conspiracy to commit bank robbery. For these two individuals who are facing serious charges, it would be beneficial to explore criminal defense options.

The robbery was committed when a man supposedly entered the bank with a mask over his head. According to Illinois law enforcement’s report of what happened, the woman was waiting outside in her car at the time. It is said that they fled the scene of the robbery, but it is not clear how the police caught the two alleged robbers or what evidence they have collected.

If they are convicted of these crimes, both individuals could serve a significant amount of time in jail. The serious nature of the possible consequences should motivate this couple to build a defense, even if they claim that they are innocent of all of the charges. An adequate defense will evaluate all of the evidence brought by the prosecution to determine if any of the evidence gathered is questionable and could bolster the defense.

When a person is facing serious charges for a crime, such as robbery charges, a criminal defense is the wisest course of action. The legal process can be daunting for a person who has no legal experience, even though a defendant is considered innocent unless proved otherwise. These two individuals have not been convicted of any crimes and have the right to due process, as well as a legal defense to work for their optimal outcome.

Source:, “Couple indicted for O’Fallon, Ill. bank robbery“, Aja J. Williams, July 1, 2014