Illinois Woman Charged with Homicide of Roommate

A woman who has been a ward of the state is facing an uphill battle. The 20-year-old Illinois woman was charged with homicide after she was accused of killing her roommate. She was taken from her adoptive parents after it was determined that she was being abused as a child.

The woman has lived at four different homes in the last five years while being a part of the child-welfare system. In recent months, she became involved in an argument with her roommate and left the apartment. She returned after a few hours and reportedly stabbed her roommate to death. Based on her previous records, there was no history of her causing serious injuries to anyone who she fought with in the past.

In addition, she was attending a junior college and working at a warehouse. The woman appeared for her arraignment where she entered a plea of not guilty. She is being held at a county jail facility on a $1.5 million bond. She was previously arrested for disorderly conduct.

In spite of the woman’s previous charges, she still has the right to defend herself against her new pending homicide charge. Understandably, being charged with murder is a frightening experience, especially knowing that their freedom hangs in a balance. If the case moves to trial, the defendant has the right to testify on her own behalf in front of a jury of her peers. In addition, she also has the right to dispute any piece of evidence Illinois prosecutors wish to use against her. Having the right support and knowledge can potentially increase the odds of the defendant having a favorable outcome in her case.

Source:, “Illinois DCFS ward charged with murder“, Tony Arnold and Chris Fusco, Sept. 23, 2014

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