Illinois Woman Faces Felony Theft Charge

Individuals may have a lapse judgment that could potentially lead to their making mistakes that they would not otherwise have made. In some cases, these mistake could result in a party facing a theft charge if it is believed that the individual was involved in illegal activity. Such charges could mean that a serious legal situation comes about, and the accused individual may wish to defend against the allegations.

A woman in Illinois may want to consider her defense options after being suspected of theft. It was reported that the woman was the president of an elementary school Parent Teacher Association, which had a tax-exempt monetary fund. The account was closed by the bank after it was allegedly discovered that the funds in the account were being used at bars, casinos and other establishments.

The president of the PTA was purportedly suspected of using the account inappropriately, though it was not specifically noted what caused her to be a suspect. However, she is currently facing a felony charge for theft. It was noted in the report that approximately $2,500 was taken from the account without the proper authority.

Clearly, a felony theft charge is a serious situation, and the woman may want to ensure that she fully understands her circumstances. If she chooses, she may want to request to review with her legal counsel any evidence that the prosecution may have against her so that she may better prepare her defense, should that be a route she wishes to follow. Gaining knowledge about and seeking guidance regarding the criminal process in Illinois relating to her case may also be a prudent step in her preparation attempts.

Source:, “Southwestern Illinois school’s president accused of felony theft of funds“, Oct. 20, 2014