Juvenile Charged with Murder After Use of a Deadly Weapon

In Chicago, Illinois, a juvenile is facing various charges after use of a deadly weaponresulted in the death of another youth. Law enforcement believes that the incident originated from a dispute over a boy. The police superintendent says that the gun was brought to a fight between the girls and illustrates the need for stricter gun laws. The use of a deadly weapon occurred after the gun was stolen from a vehicle.

The girl, aged 14, is officially charged with murder. Another youth of 17 years and a 24-year-old relative were also charged as having a role in the murder. According to the Illinois police report, the two girls had been fighting on Facebook. The incident occurred as the girl was walking home from school one afternoon.

Having stricter gun laws could possibly encourage gun owners to keep dangerous weapons more secure. In this case, the gun was accessed after it was taken from a vehicle. It is not clear if the car was locked at the time. This case may encourage state lawmakers to revisit the idea of making it harder for children to access guns.

Because of her young age, the girl will be processed through the juvenile court system. Despite what could be perceived as an ample amount of evidence against her, she still has the right to defend herself against the murder charge. Proof of use of a deadly weapon does not necessarily mean that a defendant will be found guilty of any charges filed against them. The girl will be considered innocent unless proved otherwise.

Source: upi.com, “Chicago police superintendent: Killing of girl, 14, shows need for stricter gun laws“, Frances Burns, April 29, 2014