A Lawyer Is Central to Settling Custody Disputes During Divorce

Child custody is at the center of many divorce negotiations. Illinois parents only want what is best for their children. Nevertheless, custody is an emotional issue, even between two parents who are committed to resolving their divorce out of court. When facing custody disputes, it is helpful to have a lawyer who is committed to the long-term interests of the client.

A lawyer not only provides protection of parental rights but will make sure that the client is fully aware of all available options. With this assistance, a person can know which battles are truly worth fighting and how to resolve important issues in a timely manner. Not every disagreement must be litigated in court, and many can be resolved by offering an acceptable counter proposal as part of the negotiating process.

It is easy to become focused on simply winning the argument in a divorce instead of what is actually best in the long term. A lawyer can provide guidance for decisions that will result in a practical and comprehensive settlement. He or she can also ensure that all paperwork is completed correctly and filed in a timely manner.

If an Illinois parent does not have a lawyer, it can have a negative impact on property division negotiations and child custody disputes. Parents who are divorcing must confront a number of important issues, including custodial rights, visitations agreements and child support orders. Having experienced legal counsel at one’s side at all stages of the proceedings simply makes good sense. No parent should face the complexity of the divorce process alone.

Source: The Huffington Post, “5 Reasons to Hire a Divorce Lawyer“, Diana Shepherd, Oct. 1, 2015

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