Local Soccer Coach Charged with Sex Crimes

A Bolingbrook soccer coach has recently been charged with sex crimes, specifically grooming and solicitation. The man was arrested after an investigation into alleged suspicious activity that was reported by a mother. The nature of the suspicious activity is not known at this time. Although he is facing charges for sex crimes, Illinois readers will note that the coach has not yet been convicted of any crimes.

The man was arrested after exchanging text messages with an individual he believed to be a minor. The texts were actually exchanged with a police officer in the course of an investigation with the police officer. The coach is currently awaiting trial and is not allowed to have any contact with minors or anyone from the high school.

Illinois readers know that it may be easy to convict an individual in the “court of public opinion” before a person even gets to trial. It is important to remember that all individuals are considered innocent unless they are proved guilty in a court of law. No matter the nature of charges, defendants have the right to defend themselves against any charges that they face.

The nature of a criminal defense will depend on the circumstances of the individual case. For example, this coach may present evidence to the court for the benefit of his defense. In some cases, it may be appropriate to work out a plea deal in order to secure the lowest possible fines and penalties. An individual consultation with a knowledgeable criminal defense team can be a beneficial way to understand the best approach for a defense against sex crimes charges.

Source: dailyherald.com, “Bolingbrook soccer coach charged with solicitation“, No author, Nov. 4, 2014