The Long-Term Effect of Child Custody Arrangements

Divorce and child custody arrangements can impact the children as much as it can affect either spouse, as many Illinois readers know. Child custody arrangements and other aspects of a divorce can leave a long-lasting impression with children. This makes it important for parents to choose the best arrangement that is optimal for children and their continued well-being.

For Illinois families facing a divorce, it can be useful to understand how a divorce can affect children. For example, children may be inclined to act out at school and have behavior issues at home. Parents can strive to ensue that their children’s routines are disrupted as little possible by establishing a custody arrangement that helps the child to feel secure.

Children can also be adversely affected when parents speak unkindly about one another during and after a divorce. Divorce is not easy, but it may be possible for parents to establish a foundation of mutual respect that is in the best interests of the kids. Even with contentious issues, such as child support, couples can work with their respective legal teams to reach agreements through the mediation process.

A divorce is complicated financially, emotionally and practically. Determining child custody can be complicated, but it is possible to choose an arrangement that will allow all members of the family to excel after the divorce. Complicated familial situations can be difficult for children to understand and navigate, but parents can ensure that they are affected as little as possible. Having the correct legal assistance may be the first step in moving on past divorce as quickly and peacefully as possible.

Source: The Huffington Post, “7 Ways Divorce Affects Kids, According To The Kids Themselves“, Brittany Wong, Aug. 28, 2014

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