Man Accused of Theft-Related Charge for Alleged Carjacking

A 19-year-old man was recently arrested in Evanston after a woman accused him of carjacking her vehicle. The Illinois woman claimed that the man pulled her out of her own car and then drove off with it. The man faces a theft-related charge from these accusations, and he faces another charge from a different incident of a similar nature.

At around 12:25 p.m., the woman claims that she was inside of her car and parked in an alley. She supposedly had her keys in the ignition when the man approached the car and threatened her, implying that he was in possession of a weapon. He then purportedly opened the door, threw her out and drove away in her car.

After the woman reported the incident, her car was allegedly spotted a short time later. However, the man supposedly crashed the vehicle into two other cars, and he then purportedly left the scene on foot. The police say that they found him underneath a stairwell. The woman supposedly identified the man as her attacker, and the police suspect that he was also responsible for trying to steal another vehicle earlier the same day.

The man faces a theft-related charge for aggravated vehicular hijacking with respect to the Illinois woman. He has also been charged with auto theft for supposedly attempting to steal another vehicle that day, although whatever led the authorities to suspect the man of that crime is unclear. There is a significant difference between an accusation of criminal conduct and a conviction based upon evidence that meets the exacting standards of the Illinois justice system. This man will have every opportunity to challenge specific items of evidence as well as to confront his accusers in court, all while being guaranteed the presumption of innocence unless and until prosecutors can actually prove their case.

Source:, “Man charged in Evanston carjacking“, Bill Smith, June 4, 2014