Man Charged with Murder After Exonerated for 1980 Violent Crime

An Illinois man was recently charged with murder after police arrested him for the death of a young 19-year-old man. Ironically, this same man was recently exonerated for a completely different crime from 1980. He had served over three decades in jail for the rape and death of a toddler. The man was recently charged with murder after DNA proved he did not commit the earlier crime.

The man was released from prison in 2012. DNA testing of crime scene evidence indicated that he was not the one who murdered the young girl in 1980. Unfortunately, he now finds himself facing more legal woes after he allegedly helped kill a man over a dice game. According to Illinois law enforcement, the man’s nephew was also involved in the incident.

The prosecution believes that the exonerated man helped place the injured person in the trunk of a vehicle after his nephew allegedly shot him. Witness reports state that he cut the throat of the shot individual and wanted to dispose of the body. While these are grisly accusations, it should be noted that witness accounts are not always reliable and can be discredited in court.

The details of this specific crime appear to be derived from witness accounts and it is not clear what physical evidence exists to verify the prosecution’s case. The man charged with murder can present any evidence that could prove his innocence or cast doubt upon the prosecution’s version of the event — although the burden of proof rests upon the state. When facing serious criminal charges, a defense plan should often be based upon a close examination of case details and a determination of the optimal path for the defendant.

Source: Huffington Post, “Man Exonerated In 1980 Slaying Faces New Murder Charge“, June 13, 2014

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