Man Charged with Violent Crimes After Apparent Attack

Illinois readers will be familiar with a recent news story in which an elderly woman was stabbed while shopping in a Homewood grocery store. The violent crimesincident has been widely covered, as has the arrest of the man police assert is responsible for the violent attack. The 26-year-old is now charged with attempted murder and will soon appear in court to respond to that charge as well as hate crime charges.

The case remains under investigation, but reports indicate that the 79-year-old woman was shopping in a popular suburban grocery store on a recent Friday morning when she was attacked. She was stabbed with a steak knife, and was rushed to an area hospital for emergency medical treatment. Those responsible for her care report that she is expected to fully recover from her injuries.

Little is known about the man accused of committing this violent crime. Reports indicate that he may have a history of animosity directed at African-Americans, although no details have been given as to what that history might entail. When asked in court if he holds racially prejudiced beliefs, the man claimed to have no knowledge of any past race-related tensions. In addition to being charged with attempted murder, he is also facing charges of committing a hate crime.

In preparing his legal response to these serious violent crimes charges, the man’s legal team will make a careful review of the evidence held by the prosecution, as well as the particulars of the incident and the individuals involved. If it appears that the man suffers from one or more mental disorders, such factors may form the cornerstone of his defense strategy. In some cases, violent outbursts such as this are an expression of mental illness that has gone untreated, and those who are charged with murder and subsequently convicted or reach a plea agreement can be placed within a facility equipped to treat their specific mental health issues. It is too soon to make any assumptions concerning this case, but many across the state of Illinois will follow the story in the coming weeks and months.

Source:, “Police: Woman, 79, stabbed in alleged hate crime in Illinois“, Oct. 11, 2014

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