Man Facing Felony Charge After a Hit-And-Run Accident

A young girl from the Will County area was injured after a tragic hit-and-run accident. The 14-year-old Illinois girl was hit after she tried to cross the street to an apartment. The driver fled the scene, which is why he is facing a felony charge. Later, after the driver returned to the scene, he was arrested and a felony charge was given.

The accident occurred in Joilet on South Chicago Street. After the girl was struck by the SUV, she was transported to the Provena Saint Joseph Medical Center for emergency treatment. Currently, she is considered to be in critical condition because of the extent of her injuries.

The driver was officially charged with leaving the scene of a personal injury crash. This is a felony offense in Illinois. While he did return to the scene of the crime, it is unclear why he did so. He may have been compelled to surrender or realized that there were witnesses who could possibly identify the driver or his vehicle. While returning to the scene would be considered the right thing to do, he will still face legal repercussions from the incident.

The driver will face due process from the felony charge. The repercussions of this could include jail time, loss of license, fines and more. Because of the serious nature of a felony charge, it would be beneficial for him to explore all options for a criminal defense. Even when a defendant is charged with a serious crime and it appears that they face overwhelming evidence, they are still considered innocent unless they are proved guilty.

Source: NBC Chicago, “Teen Critically Injured in Joliet Hit-and-Run“, , May 13, 2014