Man from Racine County Will Charges for Sex Crimes with Children

A Racine County man was arrested and now faces charges of sex crimes for instances where he had supposed inappropriate contact with a minor. The man was arrested and charged with sex crimes after an investigation by county law enforcement officers. This man is an Illinois resident and will face the legal process for felony charges in Racine County.

The Illinois man was arrested after authorities claim he was caught online attempting to establish contact with a 15-year-old boy. The nature of the conversation was sexual, but he was actually corresponding to an undercover police officer. He was allegedly attempting to arrange a meeting with the boy.

The arrest came after he had arrived at the agreed-upon location to meet the young boy. He is officially charged with using a computer to engage in criminally inappropriate activity and exposing body parts to a minor. He is being held on a $200,000 bond.

While sex crimes involving children are understandably vigorously prosecuted, it is important to remember that anyone accused of these crimes should be considered innocent until and only if proven guilty. The court of public opinion may convict people before a trial or a hearing, but a court requires a sufficient amount of proof before conviction. Before he goes to court to face these charges, the man has the right to decide how to proceed with his defense strategy. He can pursue the most beneficial outcome for himself, either through a plea agreement or a strong defense during a trial. The most advantageous route will be dependent upon the individual details of his case.

Source:, “Illinois man arrested in Racine County accused of child sex crimes“, , April 7, 2014